JMB, as many other companies - also successful ones, has had different stages in its development

In the past, we produced wooden briquettes as well as furniture parts for IKEA

Since 2015, we have been 100% focused on wind industry

JMB's Development


- now

New Facility

We have started to prepare our new facility outside of Poland, which will be a great step in our rapid development. More details about the location and increased potential of JMB will be released soon



100% Growth

Although both 2015 and 2016 were very successful for JMB, in 2016 we noted 100% growth in comparison to 2015. Our will is to keep up this high pace for the coming years


- now

R&D :Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

We have started a R&D project to produce small vertical-axis wind turbines. After several months of tests, we are close to completing the design of product that can be commercialized. Details will be released soon


- now

Kitting Services

We joined the wind industry market by offering kitting services to our first Customer. Since then, we have established cooperation with many Customers, delivering high-quality at very attractive prices and thus changing the landscape of kitting services in Europe


- 2015

Cooperation with IKEA Industry

We produced thousands of furniture elements every month. For many reasons, that experience was very beneficial when we entered the wind industry market in 2010


- 2005

Wooden Briquettes Production

Our first business stage was to produce wooden briquettes from the waste of local furniture companies. Although this was not a renewables market, the product was still ecological


Foundation of Company

JMB was formally established in 2000


- 2002


JMB's history builds on the previous professional experience of its CEO, who was an investments manager and finally became Managing Director of local furniture factory with than 1k employees

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